Shooting Poppy with old FILM!

Our dear friend Poppy is always wiling to be my guinea pig when I want to try something different. 

I posted recently on instagram about an old Pentax K1000 that my dad passed down. Along with the camera came some expired film :). In my overwhelming excitement I had to be patient and wait for a good opportunity to shoot said film. 

One random night Poppy came over to our place to hang and I wouldn't let her leave without snapping a few frames. She is always a blast to shoot and she loves being a subject as much as I love taking photos. The outfit? Thats just her daily swag! I figured it was as good of an opportunity as any to break in the Pentax and burn through some of that old film. 

My setup was simple. Beauty dish high to camera left and a white wall. I used the 50mm 1.7 that came with the Pentax.  Shooting completely with manual controls and with film is very inspiring. There's an urgency to make each frame count. I found myself shooting MUCH more slowly and with great care, not wasting any shots. In the end I was happy with almost every frame! Sure, some of the pictures are similar and some aren't as cool as others but the "keeper" percentage is way up from when I shoot digital. 

No Chions were harmed in the making of this set. 

Gear Used: Pentax K1000, Pentax 50mm f1.7, Ilford HP5, Ilford Delta 100, Paul C. Buff Einsten, PCB White beauty dish, PCB Cyber Commander.

Film Processed by FILMBOX in Nashville.